Our Quality

Sama Salt company is committed to applying the highest quality standards in its industry. The company continuously strives for excellence and customer satisfaction by improving quality in all aspects of its operations. Here is an overview of how Sama Salt achieves the highest quality standards:

Strict adherence to standards: Sama Salt sets stringent global standards in all aspects of salt production. These quality standards are precisely defined and strictly followed to ensure that products meet the highest requirements.

Quality control at every stage: The company ensures comprehensive quality control at every stage of production, from selecting and evaluating raw materials to final packaging. Regular inspections and testing are conducted to verify product compliance with the specified standards.

Advanced technology: Sama Salt relies on the latest technologies and equipment in salt production. This ensures precise and efficient manufacturing processes, resulting in high-quality products.

Competent and dedicated workforce: The company’s workforce consists of qualified professionals who are committed to achieving high-quality standards. They are guided and trained appropriately to apply best practices in the salt industry.

Continuous reviews and improvements: Sama Salt places great importance on continuous improvement. Regular reviews of operations and analysis of quality-related data are conducted to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary measures to enhance performance.

Customer feedback and meeting needs: Customer feedback and needs are central to Sama Salt’s strategy. Customer feedback is collected and carefully evaluated to meet customer expectations and improve product quality.

Compliance with environmental and health standards: Sama Salt ensures full compliance with relevant environmental and health standards. The company is dedicated to environmental preservation, worker health, and the safety of its products.